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Alexandre Guillaume
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Alexandre Guillaume keeps very passionate memories of his childhood in a village in the north of France.

His travels, his background, his migrations constitute the basis of so many events of his life. These scenes removed with vivacity are some notes that will serve as basis in the calm of his studio to compose and build his art.

Alexandre Guillaume creates a linear effect with a powerful tension between its black and gray background colors helping him to fossilize his creative act.

His paintings are generally large and medium sizes. The expansion of his paintings is now clear and increasing over time. The large format emphasizes speed of movement and sharpens echoes the canvas on the existence of the person viewing it.

Alexandre takes the speed and impatience that we experience in everyday life and cultivates it into his work.

He gives a constructed image of his painting, with a shift, a covering, a control which prevails in its wake some visual asperity, details or linear black elements, creating an abstraction with its texture of medium and its ambiguous forms that are the ones of an intense painter.

The colors are not garish spectrum, its nuances are not scientific mixtures, richness is not the colorfulness or multiplicity.

The fewer forms there are in his plane compositions, the more it will be beautiful, right and direct. Rigor, clarity and strength does not exclude the sensitivity.

Alexandre doesn't use the variety of palette of naturalists, he does not use
half-tones, the closer tones, are an extreme precariousness in time, only the maxima contrasts interests him.

The gray behave to him as fragments of neutralizing space.

His painting is more a relationship between the viewer and the work,  sensory fusion between the work and the receiver.
Far from any verbal definition, the experience of everyone is very intimate.

The right way to look at his painting is a genuine marriage of senses. And in marriage as in painting, not to consume is a cause of nullity.

The viewer knows better than anyone to translate the deep beats of their inner world.