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Alfonso Nieto
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Experimental Portraits
Alfonso Nieto was born in 1969 in Santiago, Chile.

He has been interested in art and sculpture since his early years. Traveling and moving experiences have formed his approach as an artist, constantly evolving and redefining himself.

Between 1990 and 1995, he studied Fine Arts at ARCIS University in Santiago, Chile. He works in a wide range of media, from video installations to paintings, etching and engraving, sculpture in fiberglass and plastic and architectural design. All of which unveils a certain parallelism that stands crucial in his work. On the one hand, his projects are “free artistic expression” and on the other they are “applied art”. In between he creates for himself a space for discourse on a wide variety of subjects.

In 2005 he founded Art Battery Group with his wife Claudia Sandoval. Since then they are being combining and complementing their thinking to build an open and resourceful art collective in Brooklyn, NY.

During 2008 he has developed a more deep interest into digital photography and for sure we will see more work during the upcoming months.