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Brett Amory
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Brett Amory was born June 25, 1975 in Portsmouth, Virginia. His father, Harry Amory, was a mechanic at a shipyard. His mother, Sally Roebuck, was a nurse. Brett has two brothers, Chad and Jonathan.

When he was 21 Brett moved to San Francisco to study motion pictures at the Academy of Arts. Soon after enrolling in school, Brett took his first drawing class and was introduced to his passion for the arts. Around the time Brett turned 24 he tried his hand in painting. In 2002 Brett switched his major to fine art and started his first body of work called “Waiting” a series of paintings about the anticipation of the next moment.

Brett graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2005 and has shown his work all over the country. In 2006 Brett along with five other artist published a book called “Convergence” and had book signings in New York, La and at the SFMOMA in San Francisco. Brett Currently works as a graphic designer at an environmental company in San Francisco and continues to show his work in galleries across the country.