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Bruno Durand
Born in 1976 in South of France. Happy youth and lot's of parties. Usually considered as a weirdo at school. Discover music at the age of 10 thanx to my elder brother: it changed my life. First approach of art through sound (records) and design (sleeves).

From sound to print to photography, then multimedia, finally video & 3D. I decided to become a freelance graphic designer in 2000 and became the official web designer of my fellow french record label plastic pancake... Working in the fashion industry I designed t-shirts collections for brands and subsenquently websites... hundreds of websites... experimenting, trying, learning, sharing, working hard... Decided to move in England in April 2006 where I stand at the moment as a web designer in East London.

The 60's bands, Andy Warhol, The Avengers, The Smiths, Madchester & The Stone Roses + Happy Mondays + Primal Scream... deep underground indie pop bands from Scotland...I could spend days listening to music in my room. Got mental about buying records and finally learn organ and drums. Got involved in the indie records scene by playing in several bands.

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