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Claudia Sandoval
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Mortuorum Cagastis
Alegría Melancólica
This multidisciplinary designer and visual artist was born in 1971 in Concepcion, Chile. Always interested in constructing things, as a kid she was fascinated with tree houses and the challenges behind building them. An active kid, very good at school, she became more aware of her creative passion playing outdoors in the farm where she grew up.

In 1994 she received a BFA in Design from PUC of Chile. During the 90’s she met key people in her design education, such Sheena Calvert and David Carson, which developed on her a new perspective about graphic design and visual communication.

Currently she works and lives in Brooklyn, NY where she has being strongly motivated by the surroundings since she moved there in December of 2005. Growing professionally as graphic designer, she works on design projects under her design studio Artplugsdesign. She is also the Altiro Studio creative director.

She is in a constant search for new creative challenges and opportunities to push and develop alternatives ways to produce and promote art. Her latest work on digital and mixed media illustration have developed a new interest in digital photography and video.