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Connect with Kevin

Kevin Robertson
The goal for me is to try to live in the moment while I'm shooting, leaving behind preconceived notions and seeing things as they are at the instant.

Photography is an opportunity for me to express myself by capturing imagery that I find inspirational. My approach is very simple and honest; I shoot using only available light and try to capture the image in-camera. I’ve made a conscious decision to do very little cropping or post-production editing to my images. Any slight adjustments that I make are typically an effort to bring the color or contrast closer to how I remember the scene. This allows me to focus more of my attention on taking photographs and less on Photoshop.

My inspirations are varied, though I’ve always been drawn to the work of Ansel Adams and Edward S. Curtis. I’m also inspired simply by being outdoors or exploring new terrain. Sometimes it’s a beautiful view, an interesting animal or just the way the light is hitting a certain object at that particular time of day. Lately, I’ve also been drawn to a lack of natural light, whether it’s shooting at night or in rainy or foggy conditions.

Life is short, art is long.
- Hippocrates.