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Connect with Oscar

Oscar Beauchamp

Oscar Beauchamp was born in 1971 in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, and resided there until the age of nine. At this time his family relocated to Florida, where he still resides. Throughout the years as an adolescent he became very interested in art, American subculture and the personalities behind such movements. Influenced by punk rock music, and drug subculture also by artists like XNO, Pushead, Ed Roth, Dan Clowes, and Robert Crumb.

The only formal art training attained by him was in high school art classes, and some college art classes that he never finished. His artwork is a variation of different styles ranging from surrealism to graffiti, and all forms of low-brow art.

Oscar saw his artwork as a tribute to the artistic visionaries and pioneers of an art form everyone just figured would turn out to be amateur trash, all the while hoping his contribution to such a movement will help audiences appreciate it’s influence on American art and culture

He passed away on March 3, 2011.