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Tom Bovo
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My artistic practice is engaged with the City of New York and the surprises that I find in the urban landscapes. I use my photographs to examine and reveal the relationships or interactions between the urban landscape and the people and objects that are the actors within the landscapes. These actors can come together in brief visual stories that are at times comedies, and at times tragedies.

The images are not accidents—the camera does not reveal things that do not exist, but can reveal a world we filter out in normal vision. As a tool, it reveals—street reflections in a window, or an urban landscape reflected in the glass of a building. Using the images that a photograph captures is really an idealism and romanticism with form and color and profundity all wrapped up. There are visual patterns, textures, and colors at play, and ironies of the representational forms. At the same time, I am immersed in and part this process, so that what comes out of what I do is no different than who I am.

I control all of the creative aspects involved in my work, from the initial exposure to the final printed piece. My work rendered as giclée prints from high resolution files using acid free papers. My work is in private collections in New York, Washington DC, Tucson, Pasadena, Birmingham, and NewOrleans.