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What is happening now

Claudia Sandoval
Alfonso Nieto
We are currently developing a strategy to promote Art Battery Group Artists, network with other art collectives and prepare an art show in Brooklyn, NY during 2017.

As part of this initiative we are looking for spaces and people that are willing to collaborate in this process. Feel free to contact us with your ideas or proposals.

The ABG Team
The Art Battery Group creative director has the belief that art can be explored as a collaborative endeavor and since the beginning of her career as designer she has been developing ways to connect artists to work together. Since 2001 she works with Alfonso Nieto at Altiro Studio, a design and production collective based in Brooklyn, NY. She also is the creative director at Artplugsdesign, her lovely design studio.
Our art curator has been involved in art for more than 20 years. Passionate about photography, print-making, video and sculpture, he has the talent to guide and advice all kind of artists and organize and produce art shows.

He also is the founder and creative director at Alfonso Nieto, Design & Production

Currently he divides his time between art, photography and working as a production director at Altiro Studio.